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Located in South Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh is a coastal destination. It is warm and sunny all year long and has the most famous coral reef sites. If you are a diving enthusiast, this is the best place to go. It is the ideal spot to spend your holidays by the sea.  For some adrenaline rush you can try different kind of water sports , if you are a marine passionate you will discover so many under water species and be astonished by the underwater colored reefs. For those wanting to relax, they can enjoy refreshments while tanning on a sunbed by the beach. Nightlife in sharm is very lively, and this aesthetically beautiful town offers all sorts of activities from early morning to late at night. 

Flash has partnered with several hotels and arranged excursions for our clients

clients wishing to explore the city can reserve our transportation services to be guaranteed a comfortable ride.


Located along the Red Sea, Hurghada offers a wide variety of activities. An overday boat trip, a  Lunch on a sandy Island surrounded with clear waters, quad rides in the desert. In this city you can go on an adventure, you can snorkel, you can enjoy a boat day and relax. Hurghada is very famous for its laidback lifestyle, for fish lovers you will enjoy the freshest seafood. Hurghada ranks amongst the top destinations for those seeking a relaxing holiday. 

We have selected the best hotels for our clients and prepared a wide variety of excursions that guarantees the perfect holiday

Not only do we offer transportation services within the city, but we also take our clients to other destinations for more adventures.


Marsa allam, a very well preserved protectorate where nature is intact, far away from urbanization and in the heart of nature. This destination is so authentic that the main activity there is exploring the marine life, the birds. This tranquil destination has white sandy beaches, lagoons, and top sites for diving. 

We also offer one of the most exciting water sport activity, kitesurfing at our very own center : Tulipe. We also offer a trip at sea. Completely away from the shores, in the heart of the water, an unforgettable sea excursions on board of our private wooden boat La Vella, with island hopping and diving with dolphins. 

For clients wishing to explore nearby cities as well, our buses are always ready


Named after the famous St. Catherine Monastery, the town is well known for its mountain ranges. It is the perfect destination for those who love hiking as well as traveling back in time to explore biblical folklore

We offer guided excursions to these mountain ranges with knowledgeable guides who will immerse you into the historical significance of these mountains.


Whether you are a history lover or not, you will find yourself in complete awe standing in front ancient temples whose secrets are still unknown

Egyptians are known for their warmth, their strong hospitality, their culture, their rich history and ancestry heritage. The legacy of this country will forever be well preserved. In fact Egypt is the place of birth of Flash tours, where it all started. Our clients will immediately feel at home while living the best Egyptian experience. Whether you are a beach lover, a mountain climber, a history passionate, this great land offers unlimited option where Flash tour will gladly assist you in all you excursions.

 Our team guarantees a smooth procedure that ensures our clients a swift passage through the different airport checkpoints, with lounge access available. With 24/7 availability, we are always ready to serve our clients.

With more than 7000 years of history and culture, our clients will always have something new to explore with each visit. Our team will tailor packages designed bespokely to you

Our team takes care of all our client’s transportation. Our fleet is equipped with a variety of vehicles that serve all purposes;  moreover, We handle transportation services for both leisure and business travelers.With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, we guarantee our clients a wide variety of transports that exceed international standards. Whether our clients are seeking leisure or a professional atmosphere, Flash Transportation is ready. We offer a variety of  Private VIP cars, Limousines, coasters, shuttles, to 50 seater buses.